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C-EPRI: Dr. ZHA Kunpeng Awared as IET Charted Engineer

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On July 8, Dr. ZHA Kunpeng, Executive Director and General Manager of C-EPRI, has been certified by the International Engineering Engineers (IET) of UK as one of its Charted Engineers, among twelve people in total from State Grid Corporation of China this time.

The British Institute of Engineering and Technology (IET) is the largest in Europe and second largest worldwide international professional organization of technology. IET covers the field of five major industries including energy and power and over 40 professional fields. It has more than 1,600 corporate partners worldwide.

Dr. ZHA Kunpeng has more than ten years of experience in power electronics technology research and engineering application. His outstanding contributions are mainly reflected in the fields of high-power electronics test technology and equipment, and UHVDC converter valve technology and equipment. He won more than 30 awards such as the second prize of national technological innovation. His research and development achievements have promoted a list of R&D of world-class advanced equipment, and supported testing and commissioning of more than 20 major transmission and distribution projects and the successful application of 13 projects, providing a strong driving force for the development of HVDC industry both in China and worldwide.

With outstanding research achievements, Dr. ZHA Kunpeng stood out from tens of thousands of engineers. After 11 steps including pre-assessment, preliminary review, peer review and decision-making, he has been certified by IET as a Charted Engineer, enabling him to play a bigger role in the international academic scene of electricity.

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