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C-EPRI: Completing the Production Task of Converter Valves in the Brazil Belo Monte Phase II Project

Mar 12, 2018 C-EPRI Font : T T T Print

On March 10, the production and routine tests of converter valves for the Phase II Hydropower Transmission Project of Belo Monte in Brazil undertaken by C-EPRI were all completed, marking that C-EPRI’s first overseas project achieved important phased results. It is of positive significance for high-end DC equipment with independent intellectual property rights to expand the overseas market.


The Belo Monte Phase II Project is SGCC’s first independently bid-winning UHV transmission project at abroad, and it has realized the integration and “Going Global” of China’s UHVDC transmission technology, electrical equipment, EPC, operation and management, etc. It will promote the export of domestic electrical equipment worth nearly CNY 5 billion, propel the global application of UHVDC transmission technology and related standards, and boost the international cooperation on superior capacity, mutual benefits and win-win results. It is an important practice of SGCC in propelling the “Belt and Road” construction and the International Capacity Cooperation strategy.

Through three months of continuous efforts, C-EPRI has completed the production, assembly and testing tasks of 192 valve modules. It has applied automatic production and test assembly line, strictly implemented 6S and visual management means, and adopted a variety of high-precision tooling and intelligent equipment, thereby, ensuring product assembly accuracy, stability and safety. By MES digital storage, it carried out data acquisition, process monitoring, task allocation, tracing management, and the like for all production equipment, effectively improving the quality control ability of products. In addition, C-EPRI has enhanced the training management of operating personnel, strictly executed multiple measures concerning self-inspection, mutual inspection, special inspection, incoming material / process / delivery inspection, site inspection, etc., ensuring the product qualification rate up to 100%.

At present, C-EPRI is preparing for product packing and delivery.  

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