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The Zhalute -Qingzhou Project Successfully Put into Operation

Jan 05, 2018 C-EPRI Font : T T T Print

On December 31, 2017, the Zhalute-Qingzhou±800kV UHVDC Project, inwhich, C-EPRI was responsible for all converter valves, valve control and water cooling equipment in Qingzhou Station, was successfully into operation. It isthe sixth UHVDC project in which C-EPRI participated.


The project is not only a major project for implementing the strategicplanning of the central government on fully revitalizing the Old IndustrialBase in Northeast China, and promoting the coordinated development of electricpower in Northeast China, but also one of China’s first batch of UHVDC projectswith voltage class±800kV, rated transmission power 10GW, as well as 500kVand 1,000kV power grids connected to the receiving end hierarchically. Itreaches the highest level of UHVDC design and manufacturing. The project startsat Zhalute Converter Station, Inner Mongolia, and ends at Qingzhou ConverterStation, Shandong, with the line length of 1,234km, current of 6,250A, andrated transmission capacity of 10GW.


The Zhalute-Qingzhou Project is the first engineering application of C-EPRI’s6250A UHVDC converter valve. Besides, it is also the first UHV project with converter valve installation dominated by the converter valve supplier in China.


Focusing on “Capacity Improvement and Current Increase” of the convertervalve, C-EPRI carried out installation plan and joint technique control &planning and conducted multiple technical exchanges and project coordination. Themain boy lifting of 4 valve halls was completed within 28 days.Within 4 months, it completed the installationand commissioning of all primary and secondary equipment. A new record of UHVDCproject construction was set and all the tasks were completed in a safe andefficient way with high quality. C-EPRI was awarded “Prominent Supplier“for Zhalute-Qingzhou Project Construction by State Grid Shandong ElectricPower Company.

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