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Jiuquan–Hunan UHVDC Project Smoothly Passes 168-hour Trial Operation

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On June 4, 2017 at 8:00 PM, C-EPRI’s A5000 converter valve and valve control equipment smoothly passed the 168-hour trial operation of the Jiuquan–Hunan ±800kV UHVDC Project, thereby, meeting the condition of commercial operation.  

The Jiuquan–Hunan UHVDC Project is The strategically important grid projects of the national “West-to-East Power Transmission” strategy, which is also China’s first UHVDC project with large-scale bundling of new energy power for long-distance outward transmission. After being completed, the project will form a “direct train” for transmitting external electricity into Hunan, and provide a reliable guarantee for the energy supply of Hunan.  
During the 168-hour trial operation, C-EPRI’s technical personnel executed two 12-hour shifts a day to support the operation monitoring throughout the whole process, providing an reliable technical guarantee for the trial operation. The A5000 converter valve successfully withstood the 7-day test, with stable performance, and have made the final preparation for the official operation in early June.


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