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World’s First Set of 200kV DC Circuit Breaker Successfully Commissioned

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Beijing, China, December 29th, 2016 – The world’s first set of 200kV DC circuit breaker was successfully put into commercial operation on December 29, 2016. For this project, GEIRI, the technology owner and supporter, is responsible for the detailed design and complete type test. C-EPRI, China’s leading HVDC equipment manufacturer, is responsible for the manufacture and supply the breaker. The energization of the dc breaker has marked another successful collaboration of the two parties in addressing the challenges faced by HVDC industry. 

To ensure a high-quality project, more than 20 test items were carried out before its delivery to site. During the heavy current interruption test, the breaker successfully interrupted a short circuit current up to 15.6KA, the performance and reliability of the breaker was thus fully verified.  

The deployment of the DC breaker will significantly improve the operational flexibility and security of the 5-terminal VSC-HVDC system and pave the way for further development of dc grid in both China and the rest of the world. The valuable experience obtained from project implementation will also offer important guidance for the upcoming ±500kV Zhangbei DC Grid Project.

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