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C-EPRI Supplies Converter Valve for the 4×1250MW/±420kV Yu-E VSC-HVDC Project

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Beijing, China, April 28, 2016 -C-EPRI was awarded an order to supply converter valves for the 4×1250MW/±420kV Yu-E VSC-HVDC project on April 28, 2016. This is C-EPRI’s third VSC-HVDC reference after Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm Integration project and Xiamen Island Infeed project.

Situated in the southwestern part of China, Yu-E project contains four 1250MW HVDC back-to-back interconnections linking the power grids of Chongqing city and Hubei Province. The total power exchange capacity reaches up to 5000MW, making it the largest VSC-HVDC scheme throughout the world. Commercial operation will commence in 2017. Upon completion, this project will further enhance the power exchange capacity between the two systems and contribute to increased power supply security and reliability.

GEIRI (formerly known as SGRI) will provide technical support for C-EPRI in this project. This is another successful collaboration between C-EPRI and GEIRI in competing for a larger domestic market share.

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