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C-EPRI Wins Valve Supply Contract for the ±800kV/6250A Shanghaimiao-Linyi UHVDC Transmission Project

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Beijing, China, Jan 1, 2016 - C-EPRI was announced to be the successful bidder for the converter valve package of the ±800kV/6250A Shanghaimiao-Linyi UHVDC Transmission project on December 17, 2015. This is the first 6250A UHVDC transmission project in the world.

Compared with a ±800kV/5000A scheme, this 6250A link allows for power transfer of 25% more due to the increased current rating. This is not only a technical enhancement, but also a further improvement with respect to transmission efficiency and as well as economic efficiency.

This super power highway starts from Inner Mongolia in the northwestern part of China and runs all the way to Shandong Province in the east over a distance of 1238 kilometers. The project will start service in 2017.

When completed, Shanghaimiao-Linyi project will bridge the power gap of Shandong Province arising from the rapid development of local economy and society. For C-EPRI, this is the 6th UHVDC reference since 2010, displaying its robust growth and steady increase in the domestic market.

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