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SGRI Participates in Construction of Zhang-Bei DC Grid Pilot Project

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Beijing, China, October 20, 2015 – A kick-off meeting for Zhang-Bei DC Grid Pilot Project was held in State Grid Smart Grid Research Institute (SGRI) on October 13.

Zhang-Bei is designed as a DC grid project to secure power supply to Beijing from a variety of clean sources, including wind, solar and hydro power. Four converter stations will be built for phase I, including 3 sending terminals (1500MW/±500kV each) and one receiving terminal (3000MW/±500kV). When completed in 2018, it will become the first and largest DC grid project in the world. Another two terminals have also been planned for phase II, with commissioning expected in 2021.

At the meeting, a comprehensive proposal was offered by SGRI, which touched upon all the key aspects of the project, from construction background, project organization, division of responsibility, primary deliverables, to specific action plan. In the meanwhile, a joint working group was set up for the development of key project equipment, including 500kV DC circuit breaker, 500kV VSC converter valve, multi-function power electronics transformer, and liquefied compressed air storage system.

As a milestone project of China’s 13th Five-Year Plan, Zhang-Bei DC grid project is faced with huge technological challenges; however, it also means a great opportunity for SGRI to strengthen its fundamental and prospective research, and accelerate transfer of its R&D achievements. 

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