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SGRI listed as “State Key Laboratory of Advanced Transmission Technology”

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Beijing, China, September 30, 2015 - SGRI’s application for “State Key Laboratory of Advanced Transmission Technology” was approved by the Ministry of Science and Techonology of P.R.China (MoST) on September 30. The success will facilitate SGRI in fundamental and prospective research in the field of Smart Grid and associated test capability construction.

“Enterprise-based State Key Laboratory” is an important part of China’s technological innovation system. Its main task is to meet the future demand of society and industry by conducting fundamental and prospective research, formulating international standards, fostering industrial talents, and promoting technological progress.

The “State Key Laboratory of Advanced Transmission Technology” is mainly supported by “Power System Power Electronics Laboratory” and “Beijing Key Laboratory of DC Grid Technology and Simulation”, with main focus on such fields as UHVDC transmission, EHV/UHV FACTS transmission, VSC-HVDC transmission and DC grid, etc. Its mission is to realize transfer of R&D achievements and push forward industrial technology progress via concentrated research in the direction of control technology, core equipment technology, equipment test of advanced transmission system, as well as large power electronic devices and new-type electrical materials for use in transmission.

Next, SGRI will work out a plan of opening the laboratory to society, and bring its value into full use, thus supporting China’s pursuit in technological innovation.

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