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HVDC VBE Dynamic Simulation Platform Passes Appraisal by CEC

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Beijing, China, June 9, 2015- The high-voltage direct current (HVDC) Valve Base Electronics (VBE) dynamic simulation platform developed by SGRI successfully passed the achievement appraisal organized by China Electricity Council (CEC) on May 20th.

The technical committee all agreed that the platform possessed complete intellectual property right with comprehensive technical performance reaching international advanced level, and recommended applying it as soon as possible.

As a pioneer in China’s HVDC field, SGRI has always attached importance to reliability technology research in HVDC transmission. Since 2009, a series of puzzles have been solved, like test equivalence analysis, test method study and test equipment development. An innovative full operating condition equivalent method was attempted and finally became quite a success with the birth of the platform.

Based on test techniques like the VBE black box, engineering interface, and continuous operating reliability, this test platform is able to detect both software and hardware defects within VBE. In the meanwhile, VBE equipment for use in real projects could be ready for shipment once passing all the tests via the platform.

The successful development of the VBE test platform has filled the missing link in this particular field and further consolidated SGRI’s leading position among its peers. Next, SGRI will proceed towards the optimization and upgrade of the platform to make it suitable for test of VBEs employing different technical routes, and therefore serve China’s HVDC construction.

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