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C-EPRI holds an exhibition on the 22nd World Energy Congress

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Beijing, China, December 4th 2013 - The 22nd World Energy Congress closed in 17 October at Daegu Korea, which lasted five days. Mr. Zhenya Liu, the chairman and party secretary of State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) was invited to attend the congress and give a speech. C-EPRI held an exhibition to show achievements of power grid high-end equipment: Ultra High Voltage Direct Current (UHVDC) and High Voltage Direct Current Flexible (VSC-HVDC) transmission technologies and core products.

Mr. Zhenya Liu visited the booths of both SGCC and C-EPRI. During the exhibition, the booth of C-EPRI has attracted extensive attention. Especially, after Mr.Zhenya Liu gave a speech on ‘’Build a global energy security system— new energy oriented’’, more conventioneers showed interest in the application of UHVDC and VSC-HVDC and visited the booth of C-EPRI, including some senior executives of Power Corporations and multinational energy companies from different countries.

Link: World Energy Council was formed in 1924 and till now 94 countries have joined the alliance, constituting the largest non-government international organization in energy industry. World Energy Congress takes place every three years. The 22nd World Energy Congress has welcomed 6,000 governments and business leaders and other delegates from approximately 110 countries.

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