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VLPGO Members Pays Site-visit to UHV DC Test Base of SGCC

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The VLPGO (Very Large Power Grid Operators Association) 2011 Beijing workshop and Executive meeting were held in Beijing from March 8 to 10. After the meeting, Mr. Alain Steven, Secretary General, along with other nine VLPGO members from internationally-renowned power utilities, large power grid and market operators, such as MISO, PJM of the U.S., Terna of Italy, National Grid of the U.K., ONS of Brazil, and REE of Spain, visited the UHV DC Test Base of SGCC on March 10. Mr. Wang Like, Vice President of CEPRI, hosted the guests on CEPRI’s behalf.

The VLPGO delegates were firstly shown to the Exhibition Hall of UHV Test Base, where they watched an introductory video of CEPRI and listened to the detailed explanation based on four miniature models of the UHV AC test base, the UHV DC Test Base, the UHV Transmission Tower Test Base and the Tibet High Altitude Test Base. VLPGO delegates were then shown to the outdoor test site, test hall, insulator laboratory, arrestor laboratory, pollution and environment laboratory, test line and corona cage of the UHV DC test base. During the visit, they actively discussed with CEPRI engineers on technical issues of common interest. 
After the visit, Mr. Alain Steven gave high remarks of the test base, calling it really impressive and was one of the largest in the world.
VLPGO is a voluntary initiative of the world’s largest Power Grid Operators, representing together more than 60% of the electricity demand in the world. VLPGO was created in 2004, following several blackouts across the world, to investigate fundamental issues of common interest to its Members and to develop joint action plans addressing the improvement of power system security.

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