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Asia's First VSC-HVDC Transmission Project Went into Service

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Asia's first VSC-HVDC transmission project -- Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm HVDC Flexible Transmission Project was put into official operation on July 25th. It is China's first world-class flexible DC transmission line with complete independent intellectual property rights. Its successful operation indicated that China has made a major breakthrough in smart grid high-end equipment and SGCC has become one of the few corporations to master this technology. At the acceptance meeting held on the same day, the Experts Committee led by Chairman of Chinese Society for Electrical Engineering, Lu Yanchang, Academician Lu Qiang and Academician Zhou Xiaoxin gave full affirmation to the project.

The Experts Committee agreed that as Asia's first flexible DC transmission project, it has undergone the test in real operation and has been running steadily and reliably. All the technologies have reached the international advanced level. For instance, dynamic simulation of modular multilevel converter, all digital segmented IGBT driver, multilevel current control on energy balance and high-speed pulse distribution -- these world's leading technologies have promotional value and a promising market.

Engineering capacity of Shanghai Nanhui Wind Farm HVDC Flexible transmission project is 20 MVA. On May 3rd, 2011, grid connection was successfully completed and the project was put into trial operation. On June 26th, fault testing of AC-side short-circuit of this link was conducted for the first time ever worldwide. The bus voltage of the wind farm maintained stable when three-phase short-circuit voltage dropped by 90% and two-phase short-circuit voltage by 50%. So far, the whole link has been performing well.

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