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CEPRI to Supply Converter Valves for Jinping-Sunan UHVDC Transmission Project

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In mid March, after seven rounds of competitive negotiations, CEPRI won the supply contract for 6 double valve towers for the low voltage hall of Yulong converter station’s pole 2, owing to its fine performance in Ningdong-Shandong, 3 Gorges-Shanghai, LingbaoⅡBTB.

Jinping-Sunan UHVDC transmission project is SGCC’s second UHVDC transmission project following up Xiangjiaba-Shanghai. Rated ±800kV/4500A, this UHVDC link travels over a distance of 2100km, running through 8 provinces and municipalities from Xichang in the west to Jiangsu in the east.

The launch of this UHVDC project will further encourage innovation in power transmission and distribution industries, promote grid technologies, and make long distance bulk power transmission more efficient and cost-effective. Bipolar operation is due by June 2013.

The winning of this order marks another milestone after CEPRI’s self-developed UHVDC converter valve passed type test and got accredited and certified by China Electricity Council (CEC) and National Energy Administration.

We are committed to continuous research and innovation in HVDC transmission and relating industries, contributing to the building of a smart and strong Grid.

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