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C-EPRI awarded order for Xiluodu-Zhejiang ±800kV UHVDC transmission project

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Beijing, China, Dec.27, 2012—C-EPRI Electric Power Engineering Co., Ltd signed a contract to provide converter valves and associated cooling system for Xiluodu-Zhejiang ±800kV/5000A UHVDC transmission project. This UHVDC transmission project is the second one —Hami-Zhengzhou UHVDC project in China being the first one—rating at 8000MW, the highest capacity worldwide. Two converter stations, Shuanglong Station the sending end and Zhexi Station the receiving end respectively, will be constructed. Transmission lines totaling 1670km pass through 5 provinces from Xiluodu Hydropower plant in Southwest China to eastern load center. The scheme is scheduled for commissioning in 2014.

C-EPRI will design, supply and commission converter valves with cooling system for Pole 2 of Shuanglong Station. Counting Jinping-Sunan ±800kV UHVDC transmission project, this is the third time C-EPRI applies A5000 valve technology.

To cater for the booming market for UHVDC applications both in China and aboard, C-EPRI developed an A5000 type UHVDC converter valve technology. It is rated at ±800kV/5000A, while downwardly compatible with lower voltage applications. The A5000 type valve has passed all the type tests conforming to IEC60700 standards, accredited by KEMA laboratory. The A5000 type valve technology was first applied in the Jinping-Sunan ±800kV UHVDC transmission project commissioned in 2012. In January 2012 it was upgraded to ±1100kV/5000A for even higher voltage applications.

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