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C-EPRI completed all type tests of ±800kV/5000A valve for Southern Hami-Zhengzhou UHVDC project

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Beijing, China, June 21, 2013—C-EPRI completed all the type tests of ±800kV/5000A valve and valve base electronics (VBE) for Southern Hami-Zhengzhou UHVDC project on June 5th, 2013. The tests were performed with the witness of experts from the HVDC construction department of SGCC, State Grid HVDC Construction Company and State Power Economic Research Institute.

The valve type tests include both insulation type test and operational type test. For operational type test, a 5300A steady-state DC current was applied with peak fault current reaching 50KA— the highest current ratings of all UHVDC projects worldwide. All the insulation type tests passed on the very first try; the AC partial discharge of single valve is less than 15PC, far below the specified 200PC. The various test results prove that A5000 converter valve is of superior performance in terms of structural design, electromagnetic field design, cooling design, and function design.

The VBE underwent some 20 test items such as radiated electromagnetic interference system test, oscillatory interference test, burst disturbance test, thermal shock test, etc. and successfully passed the interface test with DC control and protection system, closed-loop joint test with RTDS, showing remarkable anti-interference performance and system stability.

After reviewing the test items and parameters, the expert panel came to a unanimous conclusion that C-EPRI had successfully completed all the type tests, with all parameters reaching or exceeding contract requirements. For next phase of work, C-EPRI will conduct joint commissioning of VBE as per the requirements of SGCC, and proceed with valve manufacturing, quality control and factory test, etc.

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