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UK National Grid delegation paid a visit to C-EPRI

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Beijing, China, August 26 –C-EPRI received a high-level delegation from UK National Grid (NG) on August 26th, led by Mr. Daniel Kaulfus, the VP of Procurement. The purpose of this visit is to carry out an on-the-spot investigation of potential suppliers for the massive wind integration developments that are taking place in UK. Mr. Guangfu Tang, C-EPRI’s General Manager, warmly greeted the delegation together with his management team.

During the meeting, Mr. Tang gave the guests a detailed presentation about C-EPRI’s history and company capability, with a particular emphasis on its overseas marketing activities; he also expressed sincere hope to contribute to Europe’s carbon emission ambitions by utilizing C-EPRI’s state-of-the-art HVDC Flexible (VSC-HVDC) technology. In addition, C-EPRI also presented its HVDC capability, quality control system as well as proposal for Eastern HVDC Link.

Then the delegation visited UHVDC test base, power system power electronics laboratory, HVDC valve manufacturing workshop, and the freshly-completed HVDC simulation center.

"The tailored presentations and advanced facilities were so impressive that NG expected to see C-EPRI's further involvement in more developments other than the Eastern HVDC Link", Mr. Daniel Kaulfus said, which added more confidence to C-EPRI for its future cooperation with NG on the UK&US markets.

For the next three days, the delegation will visit some of C-EPRI’s project sites, including Yulong converter station of the Jinping-Sunan ±800kV UHVDC transmission project, Fengjing converter station of the Three Gorges-Shanghai II HVDC transmission project, and VSC-HVDC converter stations of the Nanhui Wind Farm Integration Scheme.

C-EPRI is gaining increasing international visibility from overseas utilities thanks to its world-leading HVDC technology and equipment manufacturing capability. So far, C-EPRI has established relationships with a dozen of utility customers from countries such as the UK, the US, Canada, and Brazil, and has actively involved in the bidding for overseas projects. NG’s visit signifies an important step of C-EPRI towards the European market.

About National Grid

National Grid (NG) is an international electricity and gas company headquartered in Warwick, United Kingdom, and one of the largest investor-owned energy companies in the world. NG plays a vital role in providing energy to millions of customers across Great Britain and the Northeast US in an efficient, reliable and safe manner.

As the largest power utility in UK, NG plays an important part in both power policy-making, and project development. Dozens of transmission links have been planned by 2025 to facilitate integration of offshore wind energy.

In March 2013, C-EPRI was invited to join a technical discussion on the upcoming Eastern HVDC Link, and was then listed in the Supplier Directory as one of the potential suppliers in May.

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