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C-EPRI Completes 6250A Valve Prototype Operational Type Test on Its Newly Upgraded Synthetic Test Facility

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Beijing, China, January 17th, 2014 - C-EPRI’s self-developed 6250A valve prototype successfully passed operational type test on December 13, 2013, with maximum steady-state test current reaching 6600A and fault current up to 58kA, a 25% enhancement as compared to the existing A5000 valve (5300A, 50kA).

Developed on the basis of A5000 valve, yet with technology improvement in respect of high-power thyristors (rated at 7.2kV/6250A) and compact saturable reactors, the 6250A valve prototype overcomes the technical challenges of heat dissipation and electromagnetic compatibility, etc., due to current increase.

The success of the operational type test also signifies the finish of the synthetic facility upgrade, which has significantly boosted its testing capacity, with maximum steady-state current increasing from 6200A to 7500A, and fault current from 55kA to 62kA, making it the most powerful of its kind worldwide.

The accomplishment of the above work has taken C-EPRI to a new level in the field of Classis HVDC; it will not only reinforce C-EPRI’s domestic market position, but will also strongly support its moves towards the global market. Moreover, it has laid a solid foundation for SGCC’s ±800kV/6250A/10000MW UHVDC capacity enlargement plan.

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