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Southern Hami — Zhengzhou UHVDC project is put into commercial operation

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Beijing, China, February 28th, 2014 — Southern Hami - Zhengzhou ±800kV UHVDC project has officially entered commercial operation on January 27, 2014. The project has a transmission capacity of 8000 MW which is the highest in the world, and a transmission distance of 2,210 kilometers.

The project is of strategy and innovation significance thanks to it being the first ±800kV/8000MW UHVDC project worldwide and the first UHVDC project which transmits thermal power bundled with wind power. The success of operation offers an additional power transmission artery of “west to east”, which not only promotes the resource exploitation of Xinjiang Autonomous Region, but also alleviates power shortage in Central China. This project also opens up a channel for integration of clean energy in Northwestern China including wind and photovoltaic power, providing an effective solution for hazy weather in China.

The project employed self-developed UHVDC equipment with 5000A rated current and a localization rate of over 80% is achieved, which demonstrates extensive power grid technical innovation and great-leap-forward development of power equipment manufacturing industry. The transmission line can deliver 50 billion kilowatt-hour electricity to Central China every year, which is equivalent to transportation of 23 million tons of coal and therefore reduces 40 million tons’ emission of carbon dioxide and 330,000 tons that of sulfur dioxide.

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