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C-EPRI completes the erection of valve tower for Xiluodu-Zhejiang project

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Beijing, China, January 15th 2014 – C-EPRI successfully completed the erection of converter valve of Shuanglong converter station pole II low voltage terminal for Xiluodu- Zhejiang ±800kV UHVDC transmission project.

To overcome the tight schedule and heavy tasks, C-EPRI sent to site a professional team, who worked day and night for half a month until all the works were finished remarkably on 4th January 2014. The outstanding working attitude and high efficiency of C-EPRI team earned high acknowledgement from its partners and the owner, and laid a solid foundation for final bi-pole commissioning in 2014.

Link: Xiluodu-Zhejiang ±800kV UHVDC transmission project is rated at 8GW, the highest capacity worldwide, which is built to meet the power shortage of Zhejiang province and boost its economy. Transmission lines totaling 1680km pass through 5 provinces from Xiluodu Hydropower plant in Southwest China to the eastern load center.

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