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C-EPRI holds the “UHVDC Converter Valve Operation and Maintenance Training”

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Beijing, China, June 20th, 2014 – C-EPRI organized a training program of “UHVDC Converter Valve Operation and Maintenance” between May 26th and 28th in SGCC Training Center, Beijing. A total of 48 trainees came from different provincial power companies within SGCC joined this program. The Vice General Manager of C-EPRI Mr. Baokui Sun, who leads the company’s HSE (Health, Safety and Environment) and project execution business, had supervised the preparation work for this program.

C-EPRI dispatched a most professional specialist group to undertake this program. The lectures came from all the different technological fields: converter valve electrical design, water-cooling system design, structural design, control and protection, manufacturing, type testing, routine testing, installation, operation and maintenance etc. The training earned high acknowledgement from the trainees.

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