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Core Equipment

DC circuit breaker

DC circuit breaker is a key component of DC grid, which is capable of interrupting current flow, isolating fault and facilitating switch-over of its operation modes; it plays an essential role in materializing a DC grid, in particular system based on VSC-HVDC.

C-EPRI started R&D of DC circuit breaker in early 2012. The 200kV/1kA prototype (max. interrupting current 15kA) has come out, with type tests finished in early 2015.


DC-DC converter

DC-DC converter is another key component of DC grid, its main functions include, DC grid networking irrespective of voltage level, DC technology, or topology, Electrical isolation between neighboring lines or systems, Flow control in either direction.

Functionally, DC-DC converter in DC grid is similar to power transformer in AC grid.

DC-DC converter can be applied to facilitate offshore wind farm integration; it is also important equipment when it comes to long-distance small-capacity transmission.

C-EPRI started R&D of DC-DC converter in early 2013. Currently, the research has come to the prototype phase, with a rating of 10kV/20kV, 3MW; type tests are planned to be finished by the end of 2015.

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